Welcome to Sligo Speech Therapy

With over 16 years experience, this Independent Private Speech and Language Therapy practice offers assessment and intervention to children from infancy to adolescence who present with speech, language and or social communication difficulties. These may present in isolation or be associated with a diagnosis such as Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The service prides itself in a family lead approach which provides time and support to both children and their families. Empowering parents with knowledge, strategies and goals tailored for each unique child is a priority.

If you are concerned about your or your child’s speech or language development, get in touch to discuss your queries further.

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I couldn’t recommend Faye more ! Her professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise shines through her. She was so easy to work with and gave me super tips and practical advice to use in my classroom. I look forward to working with her again in the future . 😄


Faye is an incredible speech therapist; we brought our son to see her as he had significant speech delay and within weeks he was so much more communicative and started forming sounds and words correctly. Faye worked with him and with us – so we were all part of the process and he’s just a completely different kiddo now: actually, he never stops talking now!! Whenever we drive past St. Michael’s, he pipes up with: ‘let’s go play in Faye’s house!’ Learning through play was the secret for us: thank you, Faye! You are just the best.


This review is from my son John. This time last year John was non verbal. Now when we drive past st Michael’s family life centre, he shouts out Faye Faye Faye. To me that says it all, for a great well run direct friendly service, all backed by a kind empathetic approach to our kids. Thank you Faye, what a difference a year makes with the help of sligo speech therapy.

John, Child

Faye worked with Cameron in school and in her clinic . As a result Cameron has made great progress. Thanks Faye.


We brought our daughter to Faye as she was having trouble pronouncing certain words, turns out it was ‘backing’, not only did Faye help our daughter but she also helped us by explaining what backing was and how we could help her at home. Aibhe loved her visits to Faye and it wasn’t long before Aibhe’s speech was 100%. Faye has a lovely kind and gentle approach, could not recommend this lady enough!!